ALF. The things you can watch on a computer!


Alien Life Form or whatever it is called.

I love that I have found the episodes of ALF again.


Because it brings back my childhood.

Alf was one of those shows I watched when I was young and is one thing I remember that wasn’t so bad from my childhood.

As stupid as Alf was, his little loving family show gave me a place to go and learn sarcasm at a young age.

Maybe that’s what I want to kill Gilligan?


There he is!

I don’t know what is was about ALF but I loved him as a child and he was actually the very first thing I bought after I earned my first allowance pay.

Now it was either my ALF doll or it was this red cassette tape player that cost a good bit of money. I remember the first time I got the cassette player out of the packaging.

So new and awesome.

I wish I could remember what type it was and where it was.

I couldn’t even tell you what I listened to on that cassette player. All I remember is that it was a huge deal that I had saved all my money to get it. That…and the ALF Doll.

Funny thing is, I do still have the ALF doll….of all things.

My mother ended up saving some selective things I had a child (many many stuffed animals) and I had no idea until I got my own house and she unloaded three huge tubs of toys from my childhood on me.

She hung on to those toys for a long time for that.

It’s pretty cool.

So anyways back to ALF.

ALF is an alien from the planet Melmac.  He followed some sort of signal that led him to Earth and there he crash landed into the Tanner’s garage.

The Tanners were your typical suburban middle class family who lived in California.

There was a mother, husband and two kids if I remember correctly…and oh yes…the cat Lucky.

Funny name for a cat that was constantly pursued by ALF.

So..the Tanners let ALF life with them in their house and he was usually hanging out in th kitched.

Melmac was not an option to return to because it exploded from a nuclear war there.

This is the one political thing I remember about ALF.

Alf tries to stop nuclear programs to save the Earth.

Who knew that an alien puppet could probably be useful in today’s world huh?

ALF was kind of like an annoying neighbor living in their house who wouldn’t go away….but the Tanner’s loved him and kept him hidden in safety from the FBI and their nosy neighbors.

ALF learns about EArth in each episode of the program and makes new friends.

ALF eventually moves to the attic and continues to try and eat the cat, Lucky until the poor thing dies off the episode.

Alf was a weird show but for a young kid it kept my attention and gave me something to watch.

It reminded me of the later show with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen…..Full House?

The only difference it that I think that blonde guy (joey?) was the Alf for Full House.

Both shows were so different in regards to today’s reality TV shows.

There was more morals and ethics and lessons about being good to one another.

Today’s reality TV shows are real life and unfortunately leave you with the lesson of “People are Shitty just deal with IT”.

It’s a shame because there are so many kids out there who don’t get any lessons at home on morals and ethics and now they can watch reality garbage and see how catty and jealous people can be instead and because that is what they see, they are naturally desensitized to such things and actually become more like the people we don’t like on those shows.

Science has shown that we do actually imitate life.

From the moment we are born we are learning and imitating things and it is whatever we surround our self with and engulf our lives in that we will most become like.

It is a shame that many of us, including me, choose to live a life hoarded with horrible influences and never take steps outside of that to bear the uncomfortableness of being “different” to achiever something greater than what it is we watch in the television programs.

So …that’s why I like the shows about human improvement and how humans can do great things because there are no more television shows like ALF or Family Ties or Full House.

We actually have to seek to find shows that improve us now and we have to be consciously aware of doing it or we might get sucked into the wrong program and before we know it, we are watching hoarders and feeling ok about our hoards because we aren’t that bad.

Being not that bad is still bad.


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