My Little Pony

I was watching my friend’s daughter the other day and all day long all she watched was My Little Pony.

I had no idea they even had a cartoon of this nature anymore and I was totally surprised at the content in the show that a four year old watches.

The episode I watched had something to do with Crystal Ponies and the Twilight Sparkle Pony (who is the leader).

The whole thing was about teamwork and it was really a good little show.

I question some of the larger words they use (like nemisis) and wonder how much the four year actually gets from it but overall I’m impressed with this little My Little Pony cartoon and wonder if maybe I should watch them more often.

It’s been a long time since I have watched cartoons and I am curious how different they are from my Shera and Thundercat days in my Elementary years.

I can hardly remember those shows, but I did see and episode of Jem playing the other day and was crazy excited. I missed it but I wonder if it is as entertaining to me now as it was then.

Ok. Back to the Ponies.

These little ponies are like a little pony sorority. There is a one little pony, it seems, for every personality out there.

Personally, I really enjoy Rainbow Dash who is kind of the tomboy of the pony town, but the other ponies have fantastic characters too.

Like Rarity…the diva…basically.  She is the makeup and little ritzy pony but she loves her friends and is always there for them.

I really like Pinkie Pie because she goes into these crazy rages or excessive personalities where she excessively worries about what might happen or she is overly excited and “in your face” about whatever it is that is happening on the show.

The Crystal Pony show, she was helping ponies get excited about a carnival waiting for a crystal heart or something that would deliver them from the reign of a dark man pony.

That’s one of the things I question.

I would think a four year old would have nightmares from some of the images they have.

This dark pony came out of the clouds, harmed the other ponies and had red flashing eyes.

That’s scary isn’t it?

So why are cartoons important for little kids?

I think that they are.  They are effective at communication because humans in general are very visual and you dont’ have to understand the language a cartoon is in in order to understand it.

Cartoons offer a way to communicate at a visual level and that is very important as a child to not only learn about the world but to also begin learning social cues.

Did you ever notice that cartoons are not just for kids? You see them everywhere.

In the adult world I believe they are used to tap into our inner child of hope and to help non-native speakers still get the message that is being put out there.

For example, a cartoon about washing your hands, is more effective than a list of how to wash your hands in a bathroom to remind people to keep germs at bay.

You don’t have to read and the cartoon conveys the message quickly often with not words having to be read.

Cartoons are everywhere!

Cartoons are good for getting rid of tension between groups and helps bring in humor to tough situations.

When watching a video about lab safety in high school, kids appreciate the humor when a beaker explodes and takes out an eye of a cartoon character rather than having to use rot memorization about lab safety topics.

They are more likely to retain the information because of the cartoon.

Cartoons help presenters keep the attention of their audience as being happy has proven to help with more production in our society.

Do you ever wonder why that abc mouse is so effective?

It’s because of the cartoons and the games that “take the pressure off”.

The one interesting thing I noticed about my friend’s daughter is that she actually talks like the cartoons.

She is optimistic in her speech and you could swear she was a little pony herself.

Watching cartoons care for one other and approach life challenges together with song and optimism are valuable skills that are valuable at any age to learn.

I can totally see the importance of learning these things at a very young age.

So although I was not fond of the scary pony, I liked how they used it to show ponies working together to get through a tough time and it didn’t involved guns or bad things that you see in some of the other cartoons.

The message, to me, seemed way more pertinent than when I’ve watched spongebob which to me had a little more nonsense in it.

I don’t mind nonsense every once in a while, but Sponge Bob just bugs me and after seeing My Little Pony, I feel like maybe Sponge Bob is something that kids maybe shouldn’t watch.

Can you imagine a bunch of kids talking like Sponge Bob?

Kids imitate what they see.

Case in Point, this little girl I was watching was then later playing with her dolls who were saving each other from the bad guy.

I was surprised at how much of the cartoon she had retained and then was acting out in play.

Cartoons are filled with a lot of knowledge and information.

Make sure your kids are watching cartoons that you approve of in regards to the values and ethics that they teach because those little brains soak up the knowledge in real time.

Cartoons are literally shaping our futures.

It’s crazy!

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