The Best Snacks for Television Watching

Let’s talk about food.

My favorite topic really.

If you have one of those kitchens that are open and you can look into your living room while watching tv and working on your computer at the same time, then you likely have my dream home.

I would love to be able to make things like fudge and cookies while watching tv on my pc or the television at the same time that I was making delicious Christmas treats or anytime treats.

I thought I might talk about the types of treats out there that are ideal for TV watching.

Some of the most thought of snacks for TV watching involved popcorn.

I love kettle corn but generally to get the good stuff you have to go to a carnival, fair, flea market or amusement part and I really hate leaving my house.

I have tried the microwave kettle corn before but it is never as good, easy to burn and burns you if the sugar gets too hot…and it always does.

So therefore, my favorite popcorn for TV watching would have to be buttered popcorn.   I haven’t gotten into making my own popcorn with a popcorn maker because it seems like too much work.

I recently saw a tv show where someone mixed chocolate and marshmallows with their popcorn (kind of like a s’mores popcorn) and I remember thinking that would be neat to try.

The second best type of popcorn is the type you get in a tin from Walmart or a bag from the gas station.

I prefer the tin because sometimes I just can’t decide between caramel and cheese.

There was a great little gourmet popcorn shop in DC the last time I visited.  It was interesting to see a gourmet popcorn store in the mall there.

I believe I also saw it in Chicago at some point.

Yeah..I do get around and you know I know where to find  my treats for watching TV in the hotel rooms!

Speaking of which, I love watching TV in hotel rooms because they have air conditioning, you can go swimming, someone else picks up your crumbs and you can fall asleep in a luxury bed while watching Judge Judy or some terrible USA tonight show.

Ok..Back to the best TV watching snacks.

Aside from popcorn, the next best snack would have to be Milk Duds.  I love these. They are chewy and they last a long while in your mouth so you don’t have to eat a whole box at once.

There is also the enjoyable Pretzel Rod or Sour Dough hard Pretzels.

I like the pretzel rods right now and I tend to grow through phases of where one type of pretzel is better than another.

Last Christmas I was addicted to making hidden valley ranch pretzel nuggets and ate them like a wild child.

The last snack I can think of today that is a fantastic TV watching accompaniment is the traditional potato chip.

Any flavor will do and even those cheese puffs are phenomenal.

If I feel like being fancy I’ll eat the cheese puffs with a fork. It’s always fun to watch my friend’s expression when I eat these thing with forks.

You should try it!

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