TV Sloth’s TEST of the PC World


Did you ever wonder what the impact of your life living on the computer and watching tv all the time had on your family?

If you are one of those TV sloth’s, like me, then you might very well have a good idea what I’m talking about.

If I’m not watching TV, I’m on my computer playing those addictive computer games and recently I found that you can gamble just like you do in the casinos with some of those games too!

Did you know you can even gamble on your own weight loss?

Probably not something that I should do since I am morbidly obese and have been so since I can remember but I’m not bragging.

My obesity has been this way for a while now and I have tried to get “on track” but I suppose habits are formed when you are young and frankly, I remember growing up with Kraft Macaroni and maybe some fruit roll ups.

I have tried things like that BeachBody slim in 6 stuff and I made a huge mistake and got the Insanity program.

Let me just tell you. ..there is a reason the word insane is involved with that crazy ass workout.

Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Shaun T bump and grind on the TV.  That man is hot.  He’s got a great body, great attitude and he works with hot people.

I like good looking people.

Maybe I’m a little too obsessive about it because I am so out of shape myself, but I would rather watch a workout video and get all hot and bothered from watching the sexy men work out than get off my large rear end and put down my doritos (or whatever the crunchy treat is for the week).

Speaking of crunchy treats….did you ever go through phases of crunchy treat eating?

Sometimes I love me a bag of Doritos and other times, I can’t stand them.

There was a time when I was obsessed with hard sour dough pretzels.

Then I was obsessed with little pretzel sticks and then Auntie Anne’s.

I mean I literally tried every pretzel there was out there.

Hmm. maybe I should be a pretzel reviewer.

At any rate, I eventually stopped eating pretzels.

Then I got on a Hot Tamale kick.

Mike and Ike’s are ok but sometimes you just need cinnamon.

And then other times, while I’m busy watching “Naked and Afraid” I just can’t think of a single treat that works with that show because I spend my time thinking….”What the heck? They’re naked!” and then I think about how crazy of a show it would be if it had people like me on it.

Large Obese women naked and afraid in the jungle.

I could probably survive off of one of my legs if I had to….oh wait…I would need that to walk.

Well…I bet you I could survive if I just had water because there is a lot of energy stored on my haunches and I would likely have a plastic surgeon ready to go on the side when I was done with my 21 days in the wilderness because there would be so much skin flapping in the wind.

Who knows.

I don’t think that obesity means out of shape.

It’s just a BMI number.

STupid BMI numbers.

I don’t know who to be mad at about my weight.

My mother who didn’t show me how to eat properly and create healthy eating habits or my doctor who follows some scale.

I feel good watching tv and playing on my pc.

So why does it matter?

I don’t have  a boyfriend (in real life) and I don’t have any kids.

I have a really stupid cat that pukes everywhere but that hardly counts as a companion.

Sorry cat people.

My cat is awesome …except for hairballs.

Well…this is basically just a blog post for me to start rambling.

I really have no plan on this one today because I just wanted to see if I could get a blog up and running.

At the very least it will be entertaining to you people out there who will likely never find me.

That’s ok.

I like the risk I take of putting myself out there and never being found.

The WWW is a huge place.

It’s crazy how many bloggers live out in this www paradise and just stay hidden even though we put everything out there for the world to see.

I mean…I’m practically naked with my words on this blog and I’ll give it to you..everything me and I’ll probably be the only one who ever cares.

Oh well.

Later, Gator.


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