Television is the Promised Land

You can watch television about almost anything and almost anywhere.

Watching tv on your pc is just the start of being able to kick some major tv watching in the years to come.

People are watching tv on their phones, their tablets, in the trian, on the plane and just about anywhere.

Heck, I take my laptop with me and make my friends drive while I watch YouTube videos online….which are sort of like watching TV on a pc…but not 100%

I would really like to see if there was a way I could run around a track and watch tv at the same time while taking in nature.

I’m hugely obese but maybe I wouldn’t be if I could run around a track.

Being an obese tv watcher probably isnt’ anything new for an american like me but whatever.

I was watching some stupid things today on the computer and I have to tell you I had no idea there was a woman with three boobs out there….oh wait..maybe it was some sort of digital thing.

Here’s why I love watching the television while playing on my computer at the same time:

  1. When I am watching Oprah and she tells me about a new movie or book, I can go online right then and there and see what’s up with that.
  2. When Dr. OZ tells me about some new supplement that helps me lose weight, I’m totally all for going online and finding the best deal on Amazon or Ebay.   Are those the only places to find bargains these days or what.
  3. When I see an infomercial for the Shark Vacuum cleaner stuff, I go online and not only find the best deal and places to but it, but I also get to read the reviews and decide if it’s worth all that money. I still haven’t figure it out yet though because I get off track looking at Dysons and Kenmore stuff and then I’m totally confused and don’t know what to buy so I deal with my stupid windtunnel Hoover thing and it does ok.   It’s not the best at vacuuming up cat puke but it works good enough.
  4. When my nieces are over, I can watch Paw Patrol and hear funny references to Charlie Sheen “winning!” and then look up the whole Charlie Sheen Winning history because it just makes me laugh. I wonder if Charlie Sheen would ever date an obese woman with a stupid puking cat.
  5. If one of my computer friends mentions a TV show, I can go right then and there and click on it and watch it.
  6. If I’m watching the ridiculously long Vampire Saga…what’s that called…Twilight for the the 15th time because they play it all the time and I just don’ t feel like watching it to the end but I can’t remember the ending….I can just look it up on my nifty computer and read the rest of the story and then go to bed.
  7. When I need to listen to some salsa, I can play that on my computer while watching infomercials on TV while cleaning.  Well..wait…who am I kidding?  I don’t really ever clean because I hardly ever leave the couch…so forget this on.
  8. When I think I might want to exercise, I can look up diet information while watching Beach Body Infomercials and dream of being one of those Biggest Loser people who climbs mountains and plants a huge weight loss flat at the top.
  9. I can see a car commercial and see how awesome it is and then use my computer to see what the interior space looks like to see if I can even fit in a car like that.  I’ve learned a lot about cars this way.   So far, I have found that I can fit in a mini cooper and one of those stupid smart cars but they won’t be exactly obese friendly.  Lower cars are worse because I have to squat down and when I squat my fat condenses and makes it harder for me to get in and out of things.  So..I prefer my minivan.  They need more minivans.
  10. When the girls from that show called “the Talk” or “The view” (I can’t remember) comes on, and they talk about the next best thing in weight loss which happened to be this crazy weight loss coffee called Javita (I think that’s how you spell it) then I can look up that coffee and then I see how it is realated to something called a mlm (Multi level marketing) company which I guess my mother says is some sort of  scam….but I found Avon and Tupperware on the list of mlms too so I’m not so sure.  I’m not sure coffee counts as a product like Tupperware though.

So there you have it.

I figure 10 reasons as to why watching tv while being on my pc is a pretty good way to start this blog.

I plan on just blabbering about a lot of things.  Maybe next time I’ll talk about how my but tends to get more acne when I sit long periods of time on my stool rather than chilling laid back on my couch….but that is kind of gross and it’s probably something personal I should keep to myself.

But then again, who is ever going to be reading my obese woman’s guide to watching TV on her PC?

Who knows, we live in a pretty strange world.

I mean just the other day I was in Walmart and I swear a man was checking me out.  I know he wasn’t trying to see if I had a lot or money or anything.

I wasn’t crazy looking either.

I had actually showered and put on some jeans and a nice shirt and I was just roaming the toilet paper aisle looking for the best deal (not really roaming but that sounds better than whatever else I could put).

Anyways, I was reading about Angel Soft Vs. Charmin and he kept checking me out.  WE did that little look at me, look away, look back at me look away thing a million times and finally I just left because it was weird.

I could feel the heat of his eyes on my bum as I left.

Oh well. I went home to my stupid puking cat and watched TV.    Big surprise.

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