Reasons to Watch TV

If you’re like me you likely go back and forth between wanting TV and not wanting TV.

Since I apparently have a huge TV addiction, people that surround me will tell you that TV is the last thing I need.

But here’s the thing,

I’m not the most social person in the world and I really don’t go out too much.

Actually, I was so happy when the grocery deliveries came around because I literally never have to leave home.

I do leave every once in a while to get my hair cut or to visit my mother but other than that, I don’t leave my house.

I have allergies that make me sick all the time and if I go outside, it’s like opening up a world of disease, mold and viruses for my body to soak up.

I hate being sick.

Ironically, I hate being sick and watching TV.

TV is almost my occupation and by watching it when I’m sick, I think it makes me worse.

When I’m sick, I sleep.

Ok. Back to the problem about the I was talking about.

Too much TV watching?


I don’t think so.

Wouldn’t you rather me be the person who watched TV and learns about cultures in rather than go out in the world rather than act like a freak and scare people?

I like TV because I can control the negative and positive things in my life with it.

The real life outside my house is vulnerable.

I can’t push a button and make violence stop but I can if I’m watching TV.

If I turn a channel and I see a woman screaming because some crazy man is holding her down trying to get her pants off, I can protect myself by picking up the remote and changing the channel quickly.

I can see where too much TV watching would be a horrible idea for growing minds and for people that already had a twist of psycho in them.

For instance, those kids that do the school shootings and such.

I guarantee you they watched too much TV or played too many violent video games in their life.

There is no way you can be ok with killing someone unless you desensitize yourself to human life and I don’t believe any human naturally is born that way at all.

I believe that we are all born with good souls and good hearts and our experiences, more than anything, shape who we are, how we deal with things, who we make friends with and ultimately how we impact the world.

There might be an odd man out that may be the exception to the rule but I believe these are very very very rare.

There is no reason that people need to kill one another.

Speaking of which, I was just reading up on Somali adoptions.

I think I’ll talk about that in my next post because it is just outrageous to me that in today’s world there is so much famine and murder.

It is sad and I hope to learn more about it by blogging about it.

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