Finding a Way to Lose Weight While Sitting

I can already see many of you reading this rolling your eyes.  But guess what.

You can lose weight sitting on your ass.

It’s possible.

You just have to decide to eat less.

I’ve decided that I’m going to do exactly this….while watching TV of course.

I’ve been a fan of the 90 day fiance’ lately so that’s what I was watching when I go this idea.

What sucks is that it is hard to resist the urge to snack on all the things that I love while enjoying a nice thorough couch sitting session….well..that’s pretty much my life.

I sit on different places of my couches so that they don’t get too worn down on anyone place.  To make sure it’s even, sometimes I lay flat on it.  When I lay flat, it makes it much harder to be using my PC at the same time so I do that rarely.

So what am I doing to lose weight while sitting?

I’m working on my body chemistry.

It’s basically the Atkins Diet.

Here is my stomach…sitting.



Now…this will be how I keep track of how it shrinks.

So, I’ve already started.

For two weeks, I’ve eaten very little carbs (less than 10 net carbs a day), have had a lot of water and I am taking a focus medication that actually has helped a lot with my appetite.

For those of you out there that lack focus and are fat, ask for Adderall or something like it.

It’s amazing.

I’m able to focus AND control my appetite.

It’s not easy though. Trust me.  I find that I have to go to bed earlier because the stimulation of the medication wears off and I literally can not stay up to watch my favorite shows like Grim, 90 day Fiance’ and other Christmas Movies that are on this time of year.

It’s time to get a head start of what everyone else will be doing soon….setting a new year goal to lose weight.

I’ve made it a Thanksgiving goal.

We’ll see how it goes. Maybe next month I’ll add some exercise (cringe).

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