I’m Tv Sloth.


That’s exactly what I am.

I am an obese women who loves 1 cat. (so typical right?) and I love hanging out on with my TV while playing around on my PC….or what I call my laptop.

I think PC and Laptops are the same thing so I totally dig this new blog. www.caniwatchtvprogramsonmypc.com

Anyways…about me.

I went to college.

Found a love.

Got rid of the love because he was abusive.

Gained some weight.

(Who am I kidding, I gained a lot of weight)

Learned how to us a computer.

Slowly built up a career on the computer with telemarketing and ad placing for a company.

Watched a LOT of TV and became what I am today…

Tv Sloth.

Why TV?

Because it connects me to the world.

Why Sloth?

Because you should seriously see me move.

Unfortunately my weight is so out of control that I actually have to move so slow to get anywhere because it is painful.

Fortunately, I’m not in as bad of a condition as some of those ladies on “Hoarders” but I’m not really that good either.

I have a horizontal surface problem so my counters do get a little clutter and my dining table usuallly has something irrelevant to food on it, like the bills I was just paying or the wrapper from this mornings Pop Tart.

Other than that, I’m a pretty cool person.

Living a pretty cool life.

Me and my annoying cat! (and sometimes my mother when she visits)

So that’s me!

Welcome to my blog about TV and PCs!

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